Feria de Arte / Pinta Londres 2012 / del 7 al 10 de Junio / galería pazYcomedias

por antalens

PINTA is a unique event in London to discover the best of contemporary and modern Latin American Art. Over fifty art galleries from the Americas, Europe and London will be showcasing an exciting range of works by established and emerging Latin American artists. This is an opportunity to experience the sophisticated, international and most distinguished visual art from Latin America through museum-quality works representative of abstract, concrete, neo-concrete, kinetic and conceptual art.

Every year at PINTA, visitors, galleries, artists, collectors, curators, and institutions will strengthen their existing knowledge and develop new connections with the Latin American Art world.

After its first successful edition in London in 2010, and five editions in New York City, PINTA is back in London from 7 – 10 June 2012.

Stand Galeria pazYcomedias, junto a mis compañeros: Ruth Morán, Nuno Nunes-Ferreira y Zoé T. Vizcaíno.

“Además se verán acercamientos desde la contemporaneidad a las más antiguas mitologías hechas desde ambos mundos, como se advierte en las obras de la valenciana Anna Talens.”

Ver texto completo en: http://pintaart.com/trabajo/news12/1espa.html

Anna Talens / Mi pequeño iceberg / Berlin 2012 / cristal y algodón

Vista del stand en Pinta 2012