A temporary project space: Alice in Wunder Land / Kulturforum / Berlin / 14-15 April 2012

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Alice in Wunder Land

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An Encyclopedic Collection Of Contemporary Curiosities

The Cabinet of Curiosities is opening its doors this Saturday and Sunday (14th-15th April), from 11am – 19pm. The venue will be at * Kulturforum: Scharoun Str./Potsdamer Str. Due to a long bureaucratic process, the Kunst Komission für Kunst im Stadtraum (Comission for Public Art) decided after a deep evaluation that the proper location for our project was the Kulturforum: a platform created in 2004 with the aim of housing cultural exchange. The Berliner Dom would have been a perfect location in terms of urbanscape, but since the Lustgarten is a monument in itself, it would be like “placing a tomato on top of the Eiffel Tower” (quote).
The location embraces a variety of art institutions that reinforces the discourse our project is based on. The Old Gallery of Paintings / The new Gallery of Paintings / The Museum of Decorative Arts /The Cabinet of Prints and Drawings / The National Library / The Berliner Philharmonic / The Ibero American Institute.
Curated by:

John Kenneth Paranada
Resident Curators at the Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin.
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